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First-Quarter Tax Planning

Tax season is fully underway for your 2021 business and personal tax returns! Although this is a busy time, it is also important to simultaneously stay proactive with your current year profit trends and 2022 tax planning. Accordingly, our tax advisors will begin first-quarter tax planning on this coming Monday, February 28.  We are excited to bring […]

Preparing For Taxes: How To Provide Personal Tax Materials

Intuit Link is a secure and easy-to-use method to send us your tax materials such as mortgage and investment statements. We know that gathering and submitting tax information can be a pain, and to make this process more convenient and faster, Intuit Link provides a custom checklist specific to your situation so that you know exactly […]

Staff Bonus Programs

As the end of 2021 draws near, you may have questions regarding staff bonuses. We are often asked, what is the standard bonus system for dental practices? Based on our years of experience, there is no specific standard for dental practice bonus programs. There are certainly many doctors that engage in bonus compensation arrangements, and likely an equal number that […]